Welcome to the future of noise monitoring!

Using trusted blockchain technology Decibel.LIVE allows you to monitor noise levels in real-time and receive instant financial compensation if limits are exceeded.

Construction Noise

Get compensated for construction and building site nuisance in your neighborhood.

Concert Noise

Monitor the noise levels at nearby neighborhoods.


Smart Contract Address (Rinkeby Testnet)

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The Problem

Currently citizens impacted by noise pollution are very rarely compensated and the response by local authorities or enforcement agencies is often not timely enough for impacted parties.

Our Solution

  • Businesses can initiate a smart contract in minutes specifying target noise levels by time of day
  • Residents near noise sites request access and join the contract
  • Decibel.LIVE smartphone app and noise monitors capture noise
  • Smart contracts provide instant financial compensation to impacted parties

Features Overview

Some of the features that you will love
Powerful Performance

Customizable Contracts

Deploy a smart contract using our smart contract templates.

Powerful Performance

Ethereum Blockchain

Acoustic results are analyzed and immutably stored using blockchain technology.

Powerful Performance

Decibel.LIVE app

The Decibel.LIVE smartphone app is free to download, easy to use and accurate to within 1.0 dB.

Responsive Layout

Easy setup for business owners

Quickly deploy a noise profile contract on the Decibel.LIVE website.

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Verify Transactions & Noise data

Noise data is stored on IPFS and can be reviewed by business owners any time.

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Compensation Policies

Compensation levels can be set by time of day and proximity.

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Instant Compensation

Receive instant financial compensation based on noise contract parameters, credibility of results and proximity factors.

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Supports Professional Sound Equipment

Integrates with Professional Sound Monitoring Equipment.

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360°Noise Tracking

Noise is captured from areas surrounding the noise site.


Finalist1776 & Smart Dubai Office

Selected and invited to present at Smart Dubai Office Blockchain Challenge, Dubai May 29-30, 2017.