What is BEL token?
BEL is a native token of Decibel.LIVE platform. Initiators and Beneficiaries use BELs to interact with noise contracts. Beneficiaries receive payous in BELs which can be exchanged for local fiat currencies.
How do noise initiators use BELs?
Noise initiators create contracts specifying noise levels and payouts in BELs when noise levels exceed acceptable levels. In other words, they gaurantee to adhere to noise bylaws or risk paying out BELs to affected parties.
How do beneficiaries use BELs?
Beneficiaries receive payouts in BELs automatically to their wallets when initiators exceed agreed upon noise levels. BELs can be used to purchase items from our store or transferred to other users or exchanged for fiat currency.
Got any videos to verify the work you’re doing?
We are working on hardware prototypes and an Android app. We'll create a video after testing in the field.
What is the product roadmap look like?
Please see our business white paper for details on the roadmap for the next 12 months.
How can I get support for the app or hardware which isn't working correctly?
Login to your account and send us a detailed issue report. We will get back to you in 24 hours
How do I purchase BEL tokens?
We will release details on the fundraiser. You can purchase BELs in exchange for Ether.